This Portal Page Is For You If

You are an employer or third-party provider and want to use this standardized, centralized site to:

  • Submit employees who are eligible to receive a lump sum payment
  • Report employee terminations
  • Respond to new income withholding orders (IWOs) that an individual no longer or never worked for you
  • Provide and/or update address, contact, and other information about your company that we share with child support agencies to improve communication and reduce misdirected mail and documents
  • Register your company as a multistate employer for new hire reporting and identify the state where you will submit all newly and rehired employees
  • Send secure messages and exchange documents with child support agencies and OCSS through Communication Center. This reduces the need to encrypt emails.
Employers must send all child support payments to the state disbursement unit. Payments cannot be sent using the Portal.
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