Welcome to the Child Support Portal

The OCSS Child Support Portal provides an Internet portal for states, tribes, employers, insurers, financial institutions and other authorized users to send and receive vital information concerning child support cases. To learn about what applications are available to you, and to log into the Portal, click on your user role below.


Employers must send all child support payments to the state disbursement unit; payments cannot be sent using the Portal. Employers may use the Portal to provide information about employees who are eligible to receive a lump sum payment, have terminated employment, and provide contacts and addresses and other information about their company. Employers may also exchange messages and documents containing sensitive information with child support agencies and OCSS on the Portal. Multistate employers may register to identify the state where all newly and rehired employees will be reported. All information provided is shared with child support agencies.

Federal Agencies

Authorized federal agencies and research partners may use the Portal to securely exchange files with OCSS. If your federal agency has recently gained connectivity to the Portal, you will need to register to create an account.

Financial Institutions

Multistate financial institutions and transmitters may use the Portal to exchange information with OCSS for the Multistate Financial Institution Data Match Program. You may also use the Portal to update your contact information.


Insurers may use the Portal to access the Insurance Match Debt Inquiry application to provide child support agencies with information about claimants or beneficiaries who are eligible to receive lump sum payments.


Authorized child support workers from other countries may use the Portal to access the Intergovernmental Reference Guide (IRG) for State and Tribal Child Support Profile Questions, as well as State, Tribal, OCSS, and International contact information.


Authorized OCSS staff may use the Portal to access an array of resources and services for authorized business purposes.


The Portal provides registered users access to the Access and Visitation application. If you are a child support professional, contact your state administrator to access the Portal.


The Portal provides registered tribal child support caseworkers and managers online access to the Federal Case Registry, Department of Defense, and other federal agency locate information. You may register only after your tribe provides OCSS with the required agreements.

NOTE: The Child Support Portal is a secured system that can only be accessed by authorized users. It is not for child support case participants or the public. To learn more about the federal Office of Child Support Services, or to get help with your case, please see our website.